The single most overlooked thing

You wouldn’t believe how many people are making this mistake…


They fail to offer an “ethical bribe” on their website… so that they can capture the email address of the visitor.


An “ethical bribe” is a quid-pro-quo. In exchange for doing something, you give your visitors something.


This is important because if someone raises their hand and says, “I’m interested in what you are offering” then chances are, they would be interested in something you are selling.


Your ethical bribe can be an ebook, a report, or even a coupon for your services.


And most of all, it should be obvious!


When your potential customers visit your website, the number-one thing you want is for them to turn into customers.


So don’t miss your chance with some dinky little widget way in the corner.


Make your offer bold. The ethical bribe can appear in a pop-up, or it can be featured prominently on the home page. Some companies even offer it on every single page.


And—here’s the important part—make sure your value-added freebie is actually valuable.  Don’t be cheap hear…. Give them the BEST thing you have.


It’s sort of like a movie preview… it’s the best 3-minues of the entire movie!


For my company720 Credit Score, I offer a hot ebook prominently on the top banner of the website. Then I also give away four other ebooks to anyone who requests them.


Then… after 90-seconds on the page, I offer them a chance to watch my free webinar.


Here’s a secret… last year, I averaged $19.81 in income every time someone gave me their name and email address.


When you offer your “give-a-way” be sure, too, that your visitors know that the freebie is going to be delivered to their inbox—otherwise, they might be tempted to give you a fake email address, just so they can get their hands on your freebie.


On the next blog post, we will talk about how to bond with them after you have their email.


This email database will be your “gold mind”…


Keep it real,


Philip X. Tirone