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Our computers will find patterns that are hidden to the human eye, and our ElovonVote and ElovonPull strategists will show you how to persuade your target market.


actionable and measurable
strategies, without the guesswork

The longer you feed data into your models, the more they will learn from one another, and the more precise and effective they will become.


models that speak to and
learn from one another

Tons of data isn’t enough. Computers are powerful and sophisticated, but they don’t understand the complexities of human emotions. The most powerful data, therefore, is combined with human analysis.


the power of your models
through human insight

You don’t need a blockbuster budget that allows you to hire teams of data engineers anymore. Thanks to advances in technology, every company can use the power of data to make their decisions, and at a fraction of the price.


custom models at a
fraction of the price

We’ve got a system that works and results to prove it.
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Dropping the Dropout Rate Using PredictiveED™
PredictiveED was implemented in Jefferson County School District in the 2011-12 School Year. Over the course of three years, their High School Dropout Rates dropped by 35.35%.

Click Here to Download our White Paper and Learn How it was accomplished.
4400 N. Scottsdale Road
Suite 9-744
Scottsdale, AZ 85252

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